How I Opted Out of Obamacare, Saved a Lot of Money and Felt Less Stupid


(Editor's Comment:  All of the yelling, screaming and protesting on the streets and at Town Hall meetings by the far left is the work of the radical wing of the DNC and major worker's unions in support of the disasterous Obamacare (ACA) who want an even futher disaster in America with a single payor Socialist system.   And now the Democrats, who hate Trump and America will attempt to disrupt his state-of-the-union address before Congress)

How I Opted Out of Obamacare, Saved a Lot of Money and Felt Less Stupid

by tbg

Dateline: February 24, 2017 - In late 2016, Humana notified me that they were no longer offering the health insurance plan I had been purchasing from them for many years. The plan was “grandfathered in” under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), meaning that the plan did not have to comply with all the rules of the ACA (or “Obamacare”, as some call it). It was one of those plans that fell OBAMA PULL MY FINGERunder “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” as president Obama famously claimed dozens of times.

In 10 years on this plan, not once did I reach the $2,500 a year deductible on my plan. In other words, the only cost that Humana has incurred on my behalf was the cost of processing paperwork. And yet Humana was now dropping me like a bad habit.

Although the monthly premium had increased from $88 per month in 2007 to $266 per month in 2016, the plan was still better than any ACA-compliant plan available. But now the only plan that Humana or anybody else could offer me was an ACA-compliant plan at $450 per month with a higher deductible and all around much worse coverage.

Obama must have meant to say “if you like your plan, you can keep it…for a while”. Politifact called his claim the “Lie of the Year” for 2013, more than 3 years after the ACA was made law. With intrepid fact checkers like Politifact, who needs enemies?



(Editor's Comments:  You may be wondering why the history of world wide Communism is relevant in today's political environement.  As you will see in future parts of this series, all of the anti-Trump demonstrations in America and around the world are organized and paid for by the world leaders of the Communist Party.  This is why it is important for those of you who follow this website to alert your friends and family to read WHY WE DARE CALL IT TREASON.  It is being brought to you as an educational public service)

By Paul J. Marino, Esq.

Paul MarinoIn Part II of the series, we saw how Marx and Lenin expanded their base promoting worldwide Communism with the assistance of some wealthy conspiracy sympathizers during the early years of the twentieth century.

We also saw where Owen Lattimore’s influence and power in the State Department in the post war years was the key to the rise of Soviet supported Communism in post war China, and the down fall Chiang Ki-shek, who was our Chinese ally during the war.

owen lattimoreLattimore was not alone in the Asian communist conspiracy. He was aided by other American officials such as Harry Dexter White and Solomon Adler, both known Communist agents working within the U.S. government. The power that Communist China enjoys today, with its enslavement of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, is directly attributable to the actions of these Soviet agents working within our State Department immediately following World War II.

During the years preceding the Korean War, Communist China, with the aid of the Soviet Union, was able to build a large standing army that was used to kill millions of Americans and other U.N. forces during the Korean War - a so called “police action”. Many American soldiers held prisoner by the Chinese communists during the Korean conflict were never returned home.



(Editor's Comments  The Marxist activities seen today, promoted by Barrack Obama and George Soros, has its roots in the discussion seen here.  An example of this is the feminist movement that is a political joke.  They advocate support of women and women's issues, yet destroy any woman who will not join their Marxist Socialism philosophy.  Please feel free to forward this series to your friends and family who need to be educated about the truth) 

Paul MarinoBy Paul J. Marino, Esq.

In Part I of this series, we provided you with information how Marxist Communism and left-liberal Fabianism philosophy was planted in the United States and elsewhere around the world during the early years of the twentieth century. This effort represented the start of the spread of Communism in the United States.

LENINTo fully understand how Lenin style Communism slowly and methodically infiltrated every element of America society and how it took control of major workers unions, education, news media, entertainment and the Democrat Party, we need only look at all of the major protest movements organized by Marxist front groups and financed by Communist sympathizers in the twenty-first century.

Communist organizers learned early in their movement in the United States that the American people would not accept the American Communist Party as a viable political party or philosophy. It is for this reason that it was necessary for communists to infiltrate either or both major political parties to promote their principles, register their followers and get communist sympathizers elected to office at all levels of government. They found the Democrat Party fertile and viable territory to promote and advocate the future of the Communist Party USA.

American Communists and the left-liberal Progressives have learned from Nicolai Lenin who said:

The only serious organizational principle the active workers of our movement can accept is strict secrecy, strict selection of  members, and the training of professional revolutionaries”

1.6 Million Immigrants from Muslim-Majority Countries Since 9/11


1.6 Million Immigrants from Muslim-Majority Countries Since 9/11

By Pamela Geller –

Dateline: February 10, 2017

Way too many. This is nuts.

George Bush & MuslimsPresident Bush is largely to blame for the misinformation and dissembling about Islam in the wake of 9/11. Instead of educating the American people about the threats we face and and increasing the awareness of the jihad doctrine, he chose to stand with terror-tied Muslim group leaders such as CAIR to show “solidarity.” Solidarity with whom? Jihad terror enablers?             September 17, 2001, President George W. Bush visited Islamic Center of Washington, DC, praised Islam as ‘peace’. At his side was Nihad Awad, CAIR co-founder and Exec. Director of Hamas-linked CAIR, named as un-indicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history.

 (Muslims destroy a Catholic Church)   Radical Islamic Destruction We know what happens when Muslim populations grow in no-Muslim countries. When politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse societies agree to Muslim demands for their religious privileges, some of the other components tend to creep in as well. Here’s how it works. As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:

      United States — Muslim 0.6%; Australia — Muslim 1.5% ; Canada — Muslim 1.9% ; China — Muslim 1.8% ;  Italy — Muslim 1.5%; Norway — Muslim 1.8%




Paul Marino PhotoBy Paul J. Marino, Esq.

For the past eight years, Expose: Public Corruptors has published or republished numerous articles and editorials involving various subjects on local, state and federal government and its public officials. In all that time, and through the entire series of articles and editorials, one theme was predominate; namely, that the American people are not divided by two major political parties - they are divided by two major political philosophies.

        While not universal in scope and character, on one hand a majority of the American people follow a conservative, pro-religion, pro-life, right-to-bear arms and a strict Constitutional philosophy, coupled with a reduction in size, cost of the central government, and an opposition to universal globalism.

Communism Albert J. KnockAt the other end of the political spectrum are the so-called “Progressives”, a tag adopted by the Democrat Party to hide their radical Marxist/Lenin Socialist political philosophy designed to change America from a democratic capitalist economy and to universal globalism under the United Nations overriding individual citizen rights as found in the first Ten Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Hillary Radham Clinton, as the Democrat Party candidate supported by Barrack Obama, George Soros and other radical Democrats, was matched against Donald J. Trump, the Republican candidate, supported by the middle class of America, the religious right and conservative groups who wanted a new direction for America with the Trump theme, Make American Great Again.

American Feminists Duped by Linda Sarsour


(Editor's Comments: If you do not have a full understanding of how the Islamic Brotherhood, with its millions in walk-around money, has so infiltrated the Democrat Party, and were able to put one of their own in the White House for 8 years;  we at Expose believe you need to educate yourself and do it very soon.  From 1928 until the present day, we have had to deal with Communist infiltration into every facet of our society.  Now Islamic terrorist and the UNESCO are flooding Europe with refugees and their subversive agents have been pouring money into hate groups on our college campuses in an attempt to disrupt the President's plan to protect America from terrorist attacks again by tightening controls on the flow of visitors and othr from key Arab nations.  I repeat, control the flow not stop the flow consistent with our regular immigration policies.  The Islamic subversive in this article know how to manipulate women and the media.  She and others must be stopped)        

American Feminists Duped by Linda Sarsour

Splice Today ^ | January 25, 2017 |

Linda Sarsour, Muslim activist Linda Sarsour was one of four main organizers of the successful Women’s March on Washington. She’s received negative press in the past, but now that her profile’s raised she’s under heavier scrutiny for her alleged ties to terrorism, affinity for Sharia law, and past statements. Her defenders claim the recent attacks on Sarsour are designed to discredit the march or an expression of Islamophobia. Her detractors feel she’s an Islamist who’s trying to hijack a women’s movement that Donald Trump’s misogyny has helped revitalize.

The question now: Is Sarsour viciously and unfairly targeted because she’s a Muslim, as some are saying, or is there legitimate cause for concern? Sarsour’s supporters are employing rallying cries like, “If you come for her, you come for us all,” but people can’t be asked to take important matters on faith. The best option is to take a close look at the background of the pro-Palestinian Muslim activist and make an objective assessment.




By Paul J. Marino J.D., Editorial Editor

For yearPAUL MARINO PHOTOs, our nation has been complaisant about the efforts of the far left and their influence on America under the guise of the "Progressive Movement", a modern day term for Socialist-Communism. 

For more than 50 years, we have enjoyed the fruits of our nation while the subversives were working diligently to transform our country into their so-called Socialist Utopia by warping the minds of our young people from kindergarten to graduate school; by lulling the general population into a false sense of security using the media, television and motion pictures as their key instruments; and by funding the campaigns of like-minded people to get elected to public office at all levels of government.